Spencer is very excited to announce new music in time for Halloween!

"I love making Suspenseful, Halloween inspired pop tracks and this year is no exception. It's a bit of a spooky one but looking forward to sharing"

Stay tuned! 

Treasures From The Quest For Pop

A NEW edition of Quest For Pop magazine is in the making and as  before, Spencer would like ultimate pop fans and friends to feature in the next edition. 

Spencer would like to know: From your own Quest For Pop, what do you own from your collection that you treasure the most and why is it so special to you? 

Is it a particular album? a special piece of pop memorabilia? a photo with your favourite band? A rare 80's vinyl? even a special memory etc 

Send your answer with a photo of you and your most treasured piece of pop to  Looking forward to hearing from you! 

The Quest For Pop - 10th Anniversary

On July 11th 2012 "The Quest For Pop" was launched! Do you remember the music video?

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary there will be a few surprises over the next couple of months so stay tuned! 

Share your "Quest For Pop" memories with Spencer on his Official Facebook pagee

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Happy Valentine's Day

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