'Stranger Things' Inspires Spencer's New 'Suspense' Remix

Spencer returns this month with the release of an exciting new remix. 

‘Suspense’ is the title track from his 4th album and is written by Ben Bishop/Spencer.  'Suspense' has been remixed by Swedish music producer Sir Ridley who has a passion for making feel-good synth infused music.

Spencer Says,

‘I am a huge fan of the Netflix Series ‘Stranger Things’ and have loved the synth driven soundtrack. This certainly inspired me when I approached Sir Ridley for a remix. I wanted something very synth pop and danceable’. I really hope you enjoy!"

SpencerOfficial.com subscribers will be able to have their own digital copy of ‘Suspense (Sir Ridley Remix) on Friday 30th October - Sunday 1st November before it goes to all popular digital platforms and streaming services on Friday 13th November.

Pop fans will also be able to pre-order the new Limited Edition CD.

This retro packaged CD plus will be released on Friday 13th November. It features 7 tracks including two Sir Ridley mixes plus for the first time on CD, Spencer’s cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic ‘The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough from the movie ‘The Goonies’

The previously unreleased extended version of Spencer's ‘Trick or Treat is included and keeping with the movie theme, also featured is the album instrumental of ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ produced by Pete Hammond.


Happy Halloween! 








‘Mixmaster’ Pete Hammond adds his Magic to Spencer Track

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For those of you eagerly waiting some more ‘Feel Good Pop’ the wait is almost over. “That’s Magic” will be available from 19th October  via  iTunes, Amazon and on CD & cassette from SpencerOfficial.com

An original track written by Spencer & Ben Bishop who have been writing new songs for a new Spencer Pop Album. 

“That’s Magic ” is sprinkled with sounds from  a  golden era of pop and reunites Spencer with the legendary music producer Pete ”Mixmaster” Hammond, who is credited on over 140 UK hit singles for artists including Kylie Minogue, Donna Sumer, Take That and Bananarama. Notably Hammond worked alongside the legendary Stock Aitken Waterman production team at PWL Studios during the 1980s. 


‘’That’s Magic’’ is an uplifting pop track and it is no coincidence that the title is reminiscent of a famous catchphrase by the late, great magician Paul Daniels.


Growing up in the UK in the 1980s I was one of the millions of  viewers that would tune into the Paul Daniels Magic Show.  Thanks to watching Paul and his glamourous assistant (and later wife), “the lovely Debbie McGee” I became fascinated by the world of magic and would spend hours learning new tricks and illusions.


The Paul Daniels story is truly remarkable. His sheer determination to succeed took him to the top of his game.


I wanted to celebrate this kind of dedication through the lyrics of a song. The music video will also be a tribute to a much missed hero of mine who entertained and inspired a generation. 


With ‘’That’s Magic’’, Spencer keeps to his tradition of releasing both digital and physical copies of his music including cassette which has been making a surprising come back in recent times. The single will include mixes by Pete 'Mixmaster' Hammond and Ben Bishop. 


Spencer fans can keep up to date with news on ‘’That’s Magic’’ via Spencerofficial.com and Spencer’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Halloween Goes Pop!       

                                          Trick or treat? Spencer says “I Got You!”

Not one to let a Halloween go by without a special musical offering, this year is no exception. UK pop artist Spencer has taken time from the recording of his 4th album to bring you some just for fun Halloween inspired pop. It’s time to get frightened with Spencer’s most spooky track to date.

‘I Got You’ is a cover of the classic track by New Zealand rock group Split Enz taken from their

1980 album ‘True Colours’


‘’ I was reminded how much love I this song while watching an episode of the bands captivating performance on Top of The Pops. I thought this is the sort of track I could really have some fun with. I love how the chorus leaps out at you! ‘’


‘I Got You’ will be available to all you trick or treater's only between 27th October – 31st October 2017 and here’s how to claim your scary musical treat…if you dare!


From Friday Spencer’s Twitter followers can simply #trickortreat @Spencerofficial

Or you can head over to the Spencerofficial.com homepage and learn how to claim your Halloween Pop treats


Not only will you receive an ‘I Got You’ digital download but also a printable 1980’s Movie style poster (featuring Spencer as you have never seen before), ‘I Got You’ cover art, plus special links that will take you to not one but two lyric videos enabling you to listen and sing along . These include the tracks ‘I Got You’ and ‘Mega Madness’ (Spencer’s recording of the Michael Sembello hit from the movie GREMLINS )


‘I Got You’ is the perfect track to add to your Halloween Party play lists.


So what’s next for Spencer?


‘‘Before the year is out I will be releasing a track that I originally wanted to go on ‘A Very Spencer Christmas’ so excited to have finally recorded it. After this I will be reuniting with Mixmaster Pete Hammond to complete the final tracks for the new album.’’



Have a safe and fun filled Happy Halloween.




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Eurovision Winning Writer for Spencer
New Pete Hammond Produced Single “Remember When”

For those of you who were eagerly waiting more ‘Feel Good Pop’ the wait is almost over  “Remember When” will be the new single from Spencer available this October through iTunes and www.spencerofficial.com via Purplecase Records. The Quest For Pop continues!

“Remember When” will reunite Spencer with music producer Pete ”Mix Master” Hammond, who is credited on over 140 UK hit singles for major artists including Kylie Minogue, Donna Sumer, Take That and Bananarama. Notably Hammond worked alongside the legendary Stock Aitken Waterman production team at the Hitfactory during the 1980s.

“Remember When” teams Spencer with hit Lyricist Charlie Mason who gave us the Eurovision Song Contest 2014’s winning song, "Rise Like A Phoenix’’ sung by Austrian artist Chonchita Wurst. Charlie also wrote ‘Here for You’ the entry song for Slovenia in Eurovision 2015 by Maraya and also lyrics for Serbia’s popular entry “Beauty Never Lies” sung by Bojana Stamenov. Charlie has even penned songs for Miley Cyrus!  

The Co-Writers for ‘’Remember When’’ are John Matthews (aka Ricardo Autobahn of Spray and the Cuban Boys and Richard Hymas who have written for international singing sensation Lonnie Gordon.

This is not the first time there has been a Eurovison link to a Spencer Single. In 2013 “Merry Christmas” ( also produced by Hammond )featured Natalie Powers from pop band Scooch, perhaps best known for their chart successes with songs “More Than I Needed To Know”, “The Best Is Yet To Come” and of course “Flying the Flag (For You)”, which acted as the United Kingdom’s Eurovision Song Contest entry in 2007.

As with every Spencer single to date a fun and creative video will also accompany “Remember When”
Spencer says ‘I want to make the music video a more interactive experience for pop fans. You will be able to direct what happens in the video itself!’ Filming for the video starts in August.

As part of the promotion of “Remember When” there will be an online game to play plus the chance to win a champagne afternoon tea with Spencer at a glamorous location in London.  
 “Remember When” will be available to  download and will also be available in special edition physical formats . Pre Order CD from 5th November.

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Scooch star Natalie Powers joins Spencer for a
“Merry Christmas”

Spencer announces details of a Christmas single and album.

Spencer & Natalie Powers’ “Merry Christmas” will be the seasonal new single taken from Spencer’s forthcoming album A Very Spencer Christmas. Due for a staged release on 25th November and 6thDecember 2013 respectively, both will be available for purchase through iTunes and www.spencerofficial.com via Purplecase Records.
The single “Merry Christmas” features Natalie Powers from pop band Scooch, perhaps best known for their chart successes with songs “More Than I Needed To Know”, “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “Flying the Flag (For You)”, which acted as the United Kingdom’s Eurovision Song Contest entry in 2007. Powers’ trademark vocal and keen pop sensibility perfectly complements the single, bringing to mind the powerful and catchy tunes of Christmas classics past.
“It was a real treat working with Natalie on this track. She really added a touch of Christmas magic to this record,” says Spencer.

“Merry Christmas” is produced by Pete “Mix Master” Hammond, who is credited on 140 UK hit singles for major artists including Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer, Take That and Bananarama. Notably Hammond worked alongside the legendary Stock Aitken Waterman production team at the PWL Hitfactory during the 1980s.
Alongside “Merry Christmas”, the album features songs taken from Spencer’s favourite family Christmas movies and Christmas pop classics, including Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” and Shakin Stevens’ “Merry Christmas Everyone”.

A Very Spencer Christmas follows Spencer’s 2007’s debut album What Have I Done?, and the 2012 follow up The Quest for Pop. Previous singles include the magnetic “She’s in Love With You” and breakthrough hit “The Quest for Pop (It’s What I Love)”, which was also produced by Hammond.
“Christmas is my favourite time of year,” explains London based singer songwriter and ‘feel good’ pop musician Spencer. “I especially love the traditional pop music that we hear around this season, and I jumped at the chance to record a Christmas album.”

Joining the album’s roster is Denmark’s pop producer and songwriter Steen Ulrich, alongside USA based producer and singer Ben Bishop. Spencer has also turned his hand in the studio, co-producing  A Very Spencer Christmas to give it a unique touch true to his artistic vision.
Spencer recalls: “We had a very hot summer in the UK, but there I was singing about how “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”. I was melting in the studio! It’s an album I had a lot of fun recording. To keep everything genuine, any studio I went to I asked if decorations could be put up to keep us all in the mood. When I visited Pete Hammond’s studio to record the single “Merry Christmas” with Natalie, he had his Santa hat all ready! I was most impressed.”
To celebrate the release of A Very Spencer Christmas and its lead single “Merry Christmas”, Spencer will have an online treat for his fans. Throughout December, a digital advent calendar will release downloads, videos and prizes in the run up to Christmas.

Spencer is also currently filming a special promotional video for A Very Spencer Christmas:
“Being able to make a music video with a Christmas theme has set my imagination alight like never before, so I hope I can deliver something highly entertaining that people will enjoy for many Christmases to come.”   

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From Hogwarts to Hit Factory Spencer Launches ‘The Quest for Pop’

From Bubblegum Pop to Dance Pop, Spencer’s New Album is a Retrospective Tour of the Entire ‘Feel Good’ Pop Era

Even the most die-hard Harry Potter fans may not know the guy who played Robert Pattinson’s stand in  during the making of ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of fire’, but the lovers of pure pop music may remember Spencer for his spectacular single ‘She’s In Love with you’ from his debut album’ What Have I done’. The single was hailed for the retro inspired feel good pop music and also for its memorable Muppet Show styled video featuring Kylie and Jason puppets. Spencer has just completed his work on his latest single for the upcoming album ‘The Quest for Pop.’

Spencer’s latest single ‘The Quest for Pop (It's What I Love)’ presents a true picture of the artist’s inspiration and fascination with pop icons of the 80s. It is produced by Pete ‘Mixmaster’ Hammond, who was in effect the fourth member of the legendary Stock Aitken Waterman Production team. As a member of the PWL Hit Factory, Hammond has previously worked with all the legendary artists that have inspired Spencer’s music. He is credited on 140 UK Hit Singles for major artists including Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, RickAstley, Donna Summer and Take That.

Truly excited by Hammond’s contribution to his album, Spencer said, “Pete Hammond was the natural choice for producing this song which was really written from the heart. I just hoped he would do it! I sent Pete my original idea and fortunately he liked it. He thought it was original and agreed to produce and mix it. When I first heard the 12’’ mix and how he had used all my favourite retro sounds and beats, my jaw dropped. This is a very special track to me and I hope others will enjoy it as much.”

The single package also includes mixes by none other than Matt Pop, who is responsible for productions and remixes for Lonnie Gordon, Same Difference, Samantha Fox and Sonia just to name few.

The title ‘The Quest of Pop’ is an inspiration from the ‘Quest for Peace’, the fourth movie in the classic Superman series. Spencer is a die-hard fan of the whole series starring Christopher Reeve. The album carries a lot of inspiration and references from Spencer’s favourite movies including Indiana Jones. For the video, Spencer has brilliantly merged the Indiana Jones Quest theme with amazing Disney style animations. In this aspect, Spencer follows in the footsteps of his father who worked on the major Beatles animated movie ‘Yellow Submarine’ as well as the Beatles animated series.
Spencer’s family history all ties roots with film making background which includes involvement in classic projects such as Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra and the James Bond series starring Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

Spencer’s love for the retro pop era is eminent not just in his music but also in his videos. The music video for ‘The Quest for Pop’ is what he describes as an ultimate tribute to pop music showing appreciation for both the artist and producers of pop.  “It also serves as a very special salute to the stars and team behind the PWL Hit Factory”, adds Spencer.

‘The Quest for Pop’ video reflects Spencer’s talent as a creative artist. He acknowledges that his earlier training with the Jim Henson Company and previous work in film and on the Harry Potter series have provided him knowledge and ability to add wonderful cinematic elements to his music videos. The new video is filmed in the heart of Buckinghamshire, a stone’s throw from Pinewood Studios. Pinewood Studios is where Spencer worked after leaving school.

The video also features special appearances from a handful of familiar pop artists from the PWL Hit factory in cartoon form. This includes Sinitta from Simon Cowelll’s X Factor about which Spencer says, “I just hope she likes the end result as the whole project was made with a lot of love. I also hope she has a sense of humour or I am in trouble.”

Other than celebrity-toons, there are countless references to classic hits from the golden era of pop. According to Spencer, there are references that only a die-hard pop fan can spot. Appreciating such diligent fans, you can visit Spencerofficial.com and try and name as many pop artists that are featured on the Sergeant Pepper styled poster for a chance to win CD's and more

‘The Quest for Pop’ album is due to be released on 27th August It features fourteen tracks written by Spencer himself, Stock, Aitken and Waterman Steen Ulrich and more including a cover of the popular Human League track ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ produced by Australia’s Leonie Polley.

‘The Quest for Pop’ single is available to buy in both digital and physical form directly from Spencer’s official website. Special pre release date ‘Gold’ edition copies of the new album are also available. All orders by post will receive an ‘I joined Spencer on the Quest for Pop’ badge and postcard set directly to their door. Additionally, fans who have liked Spencer’s Facebook page and ‘Join the Quest’ on the website will receive an exclusive free mix as a thank you gift from Spencer.
For more information, please visit the website www.SpencerOfficial.com

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