Instructions on how to join in on my 2023 Christmas single

This year I would love to do something a little different for a Christmas single.  I thought it would be fun to have you sing on one with me and make something we can remember for years to come. ‘My Favourite Time Of Year’ is a  track originally sung by The Florin Street Band and it is one of my personal favourites.  So much so I wanted to record a version for the my ‘Very Spencer Christmas’ album in 2013 but time was against me and it was not completed. Our version would be a little different, adding some extra pop elements! 
The song requires a choir (You will hear I only have one female vocalist so far!) and I would love to invite you to join in and be a part of it.
Everyone is welcome. Whether you are a pro singer or a beginner, (don't be shy) Just carefully follow these instructions and become a Christmas recording star.
1) Firstly you will need to download the 'Guide Vocal Tracks' They are sounding very basic at the moment but will give you all you need record your vocal. They will be mixed into something sounding much richer with all those Christmas sounds we know and love. Please only use these tracks as your guide as the tempo and key is set for our version. (I have also included instrumental versions without the guide vocal)
2) The Guide Vocal track are in 4 parts. You can sing all of the parts (have a go) or just chose one or two. Just have fun recording them. I can assure you that when we are all mixed together we will sound wonderful. 
3)  All I need is your  vocal (on its own, no effects or music) singing along the lines from the guide vocal tracks. 
You can record them through a microphone on to your computer and send as a WAV or MP3 file or you could even record them on your phone and send those files. I just need the cleanest recording you can make of your vocal on its own (So try to record somewhere quiet )
4) You are welcome to send a couple of takes of the same lines if you like but please label each file similar to the guide vocal. Again you can sing all the parts or just one or two. For example when I sing this, my files will be labelled like this. 
Spencer Chorus A
Spencer Chorus B
Spencer Noel Noel 1
Spencer Noel Noel 2 
4) Very important. Please e-mail your vocals to  along with your full name. If you are sending WAV files and they are too large you could use to send over your files or other similar platforms that send larger files. 
5) In December, I shall send send you a digital copy of the track and as a little bonus a  certificate for you to print  too! 
6) Last day for sending vocals is Friday 24th November and remember to send files to with your full name. By sending your vocals you are giving your kind permission to use in the choir of the song. The Quest For Christmas Pop Continues!   
                                                                                                         Spencer X